What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching is different for every person. It’s a combination of mentoring, tutoring, and consulting. Having an academic coach is like having a friend who knows the answer to all your school-related questions.

My name is Chelsea. My career as a private tutor and experience being a mom have given me the skill set to guide your child through all the challenges they’ll face in high school and college. Read more about my story here.


Virtual Academic Coaching Services for High School and College

Where do you offer coaching services?

All of my academic coaching and mentoring takes place via video conference or phone call, which means you can meet with me from anywhere.

How do you customize coaching?

We’ll begin with a student intake interview, in which I’ll get to know you and your child and assess his or her unique needs. I’ll use the information I gather from you in this initial meeting to build a customized coaching plan that you will be able to approve.

Academic Coaching for High School and College

The right coaching TIER for you

We will have scheduled times for mentoring or coaching calls and parent check-ins (for premium clients). You can use our time to discuss your current challenges with school-related stress, create a study plan for an upcoming exam, discuss how to communicate with a teacher, or anything else that arises in your academic and emotional life.

I’ll give you a real-life assignment at the end of each call, which can range from implementing stress reduction techniques to completing a task for a particular class. If you choose, I will send you a recording of any session for you to reference in between meetings.

In addition to our calls, you’ll be able to text me at any time during our coaching period for advice or support!

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