Mentorship program policies

When you sign up for Big Bad Brainery’s monthly mentorship program, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Virtual Services. All services will be performed via phone or video conferencing software.

  2. Payment. Payments will be automatically collected once per month on the day of the month on which you originally signed up. If you’d like to change a billing date, payment method, or other terms, please notify Chelsea in writing and allow up to 48 hours for changes to take place.

  3. Scheduling. Mentorship calls will be scheduled via email or text message. After signing up, you will be asked to fill out an electronic intake form. Please list your preferred times on this form, and Chelsea will try to accommodate those. Please note that you are not guaranteed the same session times every month.

    Scheduling will be maintained via Google Calendar, and any updates to scheduled calls will be changed on the calendar invite. Should you have any questions about when your next call is scheduled, please refer to the calendar item for the most up-to-date details.

  4. Text Messaging. Should you agree to text message communication, you release Chelsea from liability for SMS charges resulting from text messages. Chelsea will answer messages as soon as possible between 9am and 7pm Monday through Saturday. Messages received on Sundays will be answered by 10am on the following Monday.

  5. Email Communication. Weekly emails are part of the mentorship program benefits. Please be aware that by signing up, you agree to receive weekly emails at any of the email addresses you provide at checkout. You will also have the option of joining Chelsea’s general mailing list. Should you opt in initially, please be aware that you can later choose to opt out of email communication at any time.

  6. Cancellations. If you wish to cancel a scheduled mentorship call, you must contact Chelsea directly by emailing You must reschedule the session (following the guidelines outlined below) or risk forfeiting your advance payment.

    Please notify Chelsea of a cancellation at least 6 hours in advance. At least two makeup session options will be offered via email within 24 hours of your cancellation request, and said options will fall within two weeks of the originally scheduled session. One cancellation/makeup is permitted per session. If a makeup session is not accepted/completed, payment will be forfeited. Chelsea will make every attempt to offer makeup sessions around your schedule, but cannot guarantee that your preferred time will be available.

    No-shows are considered cancellations. If tutor makes one unsuccessful attempt to contact client and waits five minutes beyond the scheduled start time, the session will be deemed a no-show and no refund will be issued.

  7. Discontinuing Membership. In order to cancel your mentorship program membership, please email with your intent to cancel and the date on which you’d like to end. Should you wish to cancel for the upcoming month, your cancellation request must be received at least 7 calendar days in advance of your monthly billing date.

  8. Refunds. No refunds will be issued for monthly membership subscriptions.