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not sure how to help your stressed-out teen?


anxiety is common amongst high achievers.

I know because I am one.

I built my life and identity around academic achievement.

I placed intense pressure on myself in high school and college, so I understand firsthand what your son or daughter is going through.

Now, well into adulthood, I’ve seen the consequences of being a perfectionist about school. I’ve had to learn some hard lessons in work and family life. My straight-A report cards prepared me for none of them.

At some point, we all find out that life doesn’t work like school does.

Chances are, you know this.

You’ve experienced life after the classroom, and you know that adulthood has never been about test scores. Yet, your child doesn’t seem to hear you.

They’re too busy doing calc homework or running off to practice.

The truth is: they feel out of control, like they have no choice but to be busy and overworked all the time. They believe they need to take as many honors and AP classes as possible to get the highest GPA, and the best SAT and ACT scores, to follow the trajectory to college. But then what?

They don’t think past undergrad (because we haven’t taught them to)…so we have to help them break this unhealthy cycle.

But how do you stop the downward spiral?

Can you inspire them to dig deep into their passions, rather than just doing what’s expected of them?

Most importantly, is it possible to protect your child from the serious effects of long-term stress on their mental health?

With the right guidance, you’ll have the answers to all of these questions.

Academic Coaching for Stressed-Out Teens

Everyone needs support. You don’t have to handle it all on your own: advanced classes, extracurriculars, test prep, and daily stresses are too much for your child, and certainly too much for you to deal with as a busy parent.

How do I know?

I’ve been a tutor for over 17 years. Instead of just helping teens with assignments and study skills, I’ve become their confidante and mentor. Parents come to me desperately seeking guidance that goes deeper than a grade will reflect.

What I know from my personal and professional experience is that the stress conscientious students endure related to grades and test scores is often unnecessary, although it feels very real. Your child’s academic experience can be easier, yet still lead them to the future they truly desire.

It’s my mission to give teens the tools to avoid the stress and anxiety I experienced and support them in discovering who they are.

I'll work with your teenager to dissolve beliefs like the following:

  • Tests and homework inevitably cause anxiety.

  • Results - like grades and scores - are paramount.

  • High school is about getting to college.

  • College is about getting to the ‘real world.’

These are examples of toxic patterns that our culture perpetuates, even while it’s clear that we aren’t raising self-sufficient adults.

I care deeply about giving today’s teens the confidence to pursue their passions and showing them how to get the most out of the resources that school can offer, without suffering the long-term effects of excessive overwhelm.

Whether they’re just diving into high school or already pulling all-nighters in the university library, I’m here to be the support your child needs.

I want to hear what your struggles are as a parent and get to know your child.

Reach out to me! I’ll listen and offer my expert advice in a 30-minute chat.

It’s FREE, and there’s no obligation.


I’m a parent, a tutor, and a recovering straight-a student.

I’ve been there.

Virtual Tutoring and Academic Coaching
Virtual Tutoring and Academic Coaching for Teens
Virtual Tutoring and Academic Coaching for Teens
Virtual Tutoring and Academic Coaching for Teens
Virtual Tutoring and Academic Coaching for Teens
Virtual Tutoring and Academic Coaching for Teens

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