How to Write Anything: Getting Started

Writing is a fundamental skill, one that applies to every stage of life and nearly every subject. Being a good writer gives you a universal advantage in the classroom, the office, and in your personal life. 

While writing can encompass everything from an email to a thesis, the way we're most commonly introduced to the skill is with the five-paragraph essay. So, this is the building block we'll use to give you a new way to look at writing.

Big Bad Brainery - How to Write Anything

It all starts with the planning process. Maybe you've been taught to use Venn diagrams, mind maps, or some other creative tool for organizing your thoughts. The format doesn't matter much. What matters is the order of your ideas. 

No matter how many points you have to make, they should always be presented like this:

  1. Strong

  2. Weak

  3. Strongest


What you say last has the greatest impact. What you say in the middle gets lost, so it's best to hide the point you're least comfortable with there. Think of the last movie you saw. Can you remember the beginning and end? What about the middle? 

Next time you get ready to write an essay, try to focus more on the order of your body paragraphs, rather than what you're saying. This will transform the way you see the whole structure of your essay.

I hope this tip makes you think differently about your next writing assignment. If you have a big essay or paper coming up, I can help! I’d love to offer you personalized help on any upcoming assignment.

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