I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t a teacher of some kind.

In third grade, I would help my classmates after finishing my own work.

When I was in high school, I started meeting friends at the library and charging to tutor them in Geometry or Spanish.

It became a side hustle, and that’s how I thought of it for many years.

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I can’t tell you the exact moment when it changed, but at some point tutoring became about a larger mission for me.

For over 17 years, through my own academic career, the ups and downs of my twenties, and becoming a mother myself, I worked with students in all subjects and of all ages: from Kindergarteners through adult learners.

But I found myself gravitating towards the teenagers (as hard as that is for some of you parents to believe)! Even in the brief time I spent with my students week after week, I got to hear pieces of their incredible dreams and uncover their amazing talents.

I noticed a common thread, though. Teens are blocking these beautiful visions of the future they could have by believing life is all about the grades, the SAT scores, and the ever-more-competitive college admissions. They follow the path that has been laid before them without knowing what they really want. The result? A transcript full of excessive AP credits and, in the worst cases, a dependence on medication for mental health struggles.

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Adolescence is a precious and fragile period of time, and yet this is when our kids are up against the most unimaginable stressors. In these years, kids have just as great a chance to lose themselves as they do to succeed beyond measure.

It’s the tipping point that launches young people into either the life they want or the life they were told they should have. That’s why I believe it is profoundly important to surround our teens with the emotional and academic support they need to navigate the big decisions they’ll be making soon.

Not only have I been an educator all my life, but I’ve been the high schooler who barely has time for dinner, the college student who feels lost and alone, the mom trying to soothe an anxiety attack. Tutoring, in the traditional sense, is quite lacking for those in this boat. I knew limiting myself to tutoring would only allow me to have a certain depth of relationship with my students, and it was just not enough. They needed and deserved more.

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Sure, I still tutor. In fact, you can book a session with me any time. But it’s about way more than just helping teens obsess over maintaining the highest GPA possible. My tutoring approach has evolved into a no-stress method that works for any assignment or exam.

I also decided that personalized coaching and mentoring services were the answer to a deeper, more meaningful impact on overwhelmed teens. As a coach, I extend a hand to guide you and your child through this coming-of-age phase of life. For some, that means help with school-related anxiety and for others, advising you on how to best support your teen if they don’t want to go to college.

I care about relieving your busy, exhausted, anxious child by empowering them with sustainable study habits, the comfort of a confidante, and proven stress relief tools.

Find out what this looks like for your teen by setting up a free consultation.

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