academic coaching and no-stress tutoring for high school and college students


helping your teen overcome school-related anxiety

School doesn't have to be a source of stress.

Your child was born to learn, but they’ve been led to believe there’s only one right way to do so.

It's time to free them from the limits of traditional education.

Why not give your child the tools to create the school experience they really want, rather than encouraging them to live with the one they were handed?

I'll work with you and your teenager to dissolve beliefs like the following:

  • Tests and homework inevitably cause anxiety.

  • Results - like grades and scores - are paramount.

  • High school is about getting to college.

  • College is about getting to the ‘real world.’

    In my experience, these are examples of toxic patterns that our culture perpetuates, even while it’s clear that we aren’t raising self-sufficient adults.

    I care deeply about giving today’s teens the confidence to pursue their passions and showing them how to get the most out of the resources that school can offer, without suffering the long-term effects of excessive overwhelm.

For more about my philosophy and motivation, watch this video:

WHAT My academic coacHing CAN DO FOR YOUr teen


Everyone needs guidance. You don’t have to handle it all on your own: advanced classes, extracurriculars, test prep, and daily stresses are too much for your child, and certainly too much for you to deal with as a busy parent.

As someone who placed intense pressure on myself in high school and college, I understand firsthand what your son or daughter is going through.

They don’t HAVE to feel this pressure. With the right guidance, it can stop now.

The stress that conscientious students endure related to grades and test scores is often unnecessary, but it feels very real. Your child’s academic experience can be easier, yet still lead them to the future they truly desire.

Whether they’re just diving into high school or already pulling all-nighters in the university library, I’m here to be the support your child needs.


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